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  • Handing Your Teens The Car Keys
    Are You Confident Or Terrified?

    Is your teen ready to face the real world? Driver's Ed is no longer mandatory. That leaves you as a parent, responsible for teaching your kids how to drive. Parents aren't trained instructors. As a result new drivers are never taught basic car control and colllision avoidance skills. Watch video below.

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    Car crashes are the leading cause of deaths and serious injury among people
    3 to 34 years of age in the US. picture

    In 2009, over 40,000 deaths were linked to car crashes. Over 5,000 of these were teenagers. Hundreds of thousands more were seriously injured. This carnage can be attributed to the lack of proper training and experience. Is your child at risk?

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    15 to 19 year old drivers are four times more likely to experience a serious crash.

    Of this age group, 17 year olds are MOST AT RISK. The main cause of these avoidable accidents is driver inexperience and a complete lack of basic car control skills.

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    Teens aren't the only drivers at risk.

    All drivers, regardless of experience, will benefit from learning advanced car control and collision avoidance driving skills. Do you know how to correctly use ABS brakes? Would you know how to recover from a skid?

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    Car control clinics make you a better, safer driver. picture

    Our post clinic survey results reveal that over 92% of graduates agree that our program significantly improved their emergency reaction skills. Over 85% believe that our clinic could benefit their family and friends and over 65% believe this type of driving clinic should be required for all drivers. Money well spent!

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    Enroll in our effective, LOW COST, hands-on car control and collision avoidance driving clinic today!

    Check out our great curriculum now! picture

In memory of Chief Judge Diana Hampton
A true advocate dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young adults
in the Henderson Community.

This program exists because Judge Hampton believed it was better for juvenile traffic offenders to learn real life car control and collision avoidance driving skills rather than just fine them and send them on their way. She will be missed. - March 13th 2016

Hands-on Driver Education

Drivers With Instructors At Driving Clinic

Students receive lots of one on one feedback.

Students spend 3 1/2 hours learning emergency reaction techniques, both driving and observing in the car.

Better Safer Driving Hands-On Defensive Driving Course Drills

Emergency Lane Change Maneuver Drill

A variety of exercises are performed during the clinic including: wet surface skid control and panic braking.


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Defensive Driving Course Highlights

  • Half-Day, 5 Hour Hands-On Car Control & Collision Avoidance Driving Clinics.
  • One hour in the classroom followed by 3.5 hours of hands-on instructions.
  • We provide all the vehicles used for the hands-on exercises.
  • Graduates may qualify for auto insurance discounts.

Watch Car Control Clinic Overview

What more can you do as a parent?
Help improve your child's street survival skills.

Crash related deaths and serious injuries constitute an UNDECLARED NATIONAL HEALTH EPIDEMIC. As a civilized people, we should be outraged that nearly 40,000 drivers loose their lives every year on our roads and highways. Of these deaths, over 5,000 are teenagers, most of which haven’t even completed high school yet. This is a tragedy of enormous proportions.

Schools No Longer Offer Driver's Ed

Despite these harsh facts, governments in most US States have eliminated the requirement for new drivers to complete even the most basic Drivers Ed program. Getting a driving license these days requires no professional oversight. Parents are signing off their kids for a permanent license even if they haven’t come close to providing them with the minimum number of supervised driving hours required by the State. Sixteen and seventeen year old teen drivers are most at risk.

These inexperienced and unpredictable new drivers are sharing the road with you right now!!

It costs an average of $220,000
to raise a child from birth to age 18.

Don't let a mere $195 stand between your teenagers and the rest of their lives!

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Survey ResultsInsurance Discounts for graduates.