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The American Traffic Academy.

4502 E. Sierra Sunset Trail
Cave Creek AZ 85331

Robert Prevost
Founder and CEO

Our Core Mission was created to meet the urgent demand to provide effective, low cost, hands-on life saving car control & collision avoidance driving skills to motorist of all ages with emphasis on reaching new and young drivers 16-25 years old as well as mature drivers 50+.

Why Choose

You may be influenced by the fact that judges require thousands of juvenile traffic offenders to complete our car control clinics in lieu of paying the usual traffic ticket fines in Las Vegas.

It may be because for generations, Driver’s Ed courses haven’t been effective in teaching drivers real life driving skills let alone reducing car crashes. Their "Over the Road" curriculums do NOT teach their young clients anything about vehicle dynamics or emergency reaction techniques. They won’t teach you "panic braking" skills, "extreme braking and steering", “emergency lane change evasion” or wet surface skid control maneuvers.

It may be because as a concerned parent, you realize that your own limited knowledge of car control techniques and access to safe practice areas makes it impossible for you to teach your kids effectively.

Drivers Ed companies focus on one objective: getting your drivers license, nothing more.

Other companies offer car control courses using computer powered driving simulators. These programs offer limited benefits to their students. Until you get behind the wheel and practice these life saving, emergency reaction skills in real time, in a real car, you're not ready for the real world. Would you feel comfortable teaching your kids how to swim on a simulator? We didn’t think so! offers effective, half-day hands-on car control driving clinics for under $200 and provides the cars in which the exercises are conducted. We follow our grads every six months for two years to track and record the longer term effectiveness of our programs.In some cases, we’ll donate a portion of our course registration fees back to high school parent / teacher organizations, booster clubs, churches and other benevolent organizations that refer students to our programs.

Management was founded and operates under the supervision of Robert Prevost, a 25 year veteran of the auto racing, high performance and defensive driving school industry.

Robert worked for the famed Skip Barber Racing School for nearly a decade before founding in 1996. That website is the oldest and most recognized auto racing and high performance driving school information and enrollment services website on the Web. In 2005 he purchased the Derek Daly Performance Driving Academy in Las Vegas and transformed it into the premiere destination in the United States to drive authentic Formula One race cars. In 2007 the American Traffic Academy dba was founded.

All our instructors are experienced car control specialists. Some are current or former race car drivers while others are veteran police driving academy instructors. All are excellent all around drivers and facilitators.

Robert Prevost is the organization's Executive Director. Please feel free to contact him personally with your inquiry. We look forward to making everyone who gets behind the wheel, a Better, Safer Driver!