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Channel 8 Morning Show, Las Vegas
March 2, 2012

The American Traffic Academy's car control clinics featured on CBS' KLAS Channel 8 Morning Show in Las Vegas on March 2, 2012. Programs are offered to the general public about every 90 days.


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AZ Family Channel 3 News, Phoenix, September 17, 2011

Excellent coverage of the Car Control & Collision Avoidance Driving Clinics as featured by AZ Family's Channel 3 News at 5 on Saturday, September 17th. Watch as students AND parents testify to the effectiveness of the hands-on exercises. You be the judge: Are these real life emergency reaction driving drills more likely to make you a better,safer driver?? Footage taken at our home base, Turf Paradise Horse Race Track, 15th Ave. & Bell Rd. in their huge, wide open parking lot.


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FOX NEWS 10, Phoenix, Sept. 15, 2011

Watch Phoenix Fox News 10's Morning Show with Corey McCloskey as Robert Prevost, Founder of the American Traffic Academy challenges his emergency reaction driving skills during a live broadcast from a Car Control Clinic. The program was held September 15th at our home base at Turf Paradise Horse Race Track located at 15th Ave. & Bell Rd.


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AS SEEN ON CBS 8, Lss Vegas, May 21, 2011

Watch as over 90 juvenile traffic offenders are taught real life car control & emergency reaction driving skills in lieu of paying their traffic fines in Las Vegas, NV. Thousands of young HIGH SCHOOL traffic offenders are now better Safer Drivers after completing a regularly scheduled driving clinic at Sam Boyd Stadium. Judges sentence high risk drivers to complete our hands on driving clinic because they understand that imposing monetary fines on kids never makes them better drivers but car control clinics do.


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